Recognizing early warning signs helps you seek support for your child.

  Red Flags For Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Lack of eye contact
• Repetitive patterns of behavior and activities (flicking light switch on/off, flapping hands, spinning objects, banging head, rocking motions)
• Preference to play alone or avoid social situations
• Absence of communicative speech or presence of rote repetitive speech
• Distress at change in daily routine
• Stiffens when cuddled or hugged 

  Red Flags For Speech Delay

• Lack of production of sounds or no babbling by 9 months
• No increase in vocabulary over a 6-month period between 12-18 months
• No single words or imitation of words by 18 months
• Fewer than 50 words by 24 months
• Not following simple directives
• Frustration when not understood
• Regression in language development or loss of previously attained skills

  Red Flags For Motor Delay

• Not rolling over from back to stomach by 4-6 months
• Not pulling to stand by 9-12 months
• Not walking independently by 12-18 months
• Not climbing on furniture by 18-24 months
• Inability to bang toys together by 4-8 months
• Lack of manipulation of toys/objects by 12-18 months 
• Not scribbling with a crayon by 18-24 months
• Tight muscle tone (rigid, limited movement, or difficult to bend extremities when dressing)
• Loose muscle tone (floppy, difficult to hold head straight, or stay in sitting position)
• Regression in motor development or loss of previously attained skills

  Red Flags For Feeding Delay

• Prolonged feeding times
• Difficulty coordinating breathing, sucking, swallowing during feeding
• Excessive drooling (other than when teething)
• Gagging or coughing while eating
• Resistance to different food textures, tastes and temperatures

*These Red Flags should be considered only as an indication to have further investigation by a licensed professional in the area(s) of concern. These Red Flags should not be considered as a diagnosis or a confirmation of a diagnosed condition

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